Digital Advertising

Your Ultimate Solution to Reach Ideal Clients for Selling or Renting Out Properties

Here’s What most realtors struggle with:

Most of our clients come to us after not getting satisfactory results with traditional advertising – such as classified ads in newspaper, outdoor banner ads, etc.

Our clients usually complain about two things regarding traditional advertising:

  • Not getting enough phone calls from prospective buyers or tenants, and
  • Most of the people who do contact them are usually not genuine prospects, i.e. they are not ready to buy a property or they are not our clients’ desired prospective tenants.

Traditional advertising is not as effective as before

People are not reading newspapers like before. They have transformed their reading habits from reading hard-copy newspapers to consuming content in online newspapers, news channel websites, and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, classified ads in newspaper are not getting enough eyeballs (or attention) as they used to be until the end of 20th century.

People are not watching TV channels as much as they used to watch before. Due to the advent of internet, most people now watch news and talk shows in YouTube, binge-watch TV series in Netflix and watch LIVE shows in Facebook. Even when they are watching TV, they are browsing through channels or checking out their Facebook newsfeed during commercial break. So, TV commercials are getting very less attention, especially from Millennials and Generation X, in this Internet Era.

People are paying little to no attention to outdoor real estate signage. The purpose of billboard advertising and other forms of outdoor advertising is to get consumers’ attention when they are outside their homes. However, it’s becoming very common nowadays to see people looking at their smartphones while they are commuting. The attention of today’s consumer is more into their digital devices even when they are outdoors.

Traditional advertising is mostly mass media advertising.

Mass media advertising is about getting exposure for your product or services to the masses, no matter if they are eligible to be your customers or not. That means, apart from your target buyers/tenants, people who don’t have money to buy property or who don’t qualify to be your prospective tenants will also see your ad message.

Due to the reason of reaching the masses, mass media advertising channels, such as newspaper/ magazine display ads, TV commercials, and billboard advertisements are very expensive.

However, the irony is traditional mass-media advertising is not working as effectively as in the last century, though they are still very expensive to buy today.

The good news is: the power of internet makes it possible to reach your target market – your ideal buyers/tenants – without wasting time and money.

Who are your ideal clients?

In real estate, your clients are ideally successful entrepreneurs, businesspersons, property investors and any high-net-worth individuals who are looking to buy a new home or interested to invest in a property (e.g. buy-to-let apartments and/or buying a property with the intention of selling it for a profit after 5 years or later); and

As for tenants, your ideal clients are professionals (e.g. doctors, engineers, IT-specialists, bankers, consultants, teachers, etc), who have steady monthly income, would stay with family, can afford to pay rentals on time, and keep the property in right order during the entire tenancy period.

How to reach your ideal clients online?

First, you need a webpage to showcase your properties or offers.

This page can be hosted in Facebook or a free blog such as blogger.com, wix.com, wordpress.com, etc.

If you want to be more professional, it is better to own your domain name and host your own website to have full control over your content and branding.

At Ashtech Properties, we offer done-for-you website to build your personal brand in real estate. Click here to learn more.

So, once your web page or website is ready with property listings, it’s time to drive traffic (website visitors) to your listing offers.

There are basically two ways to reach your clients in the internet:

1. Organic Traffic

2. Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic Generation is about publishing articles, related to your property listings, in your website, and optimizing it with certain keywords to generate traffic from search engines, such as Google and Bing.

Other organic traffic generation methods include: posting content in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc – and engaging with your target audience through groups and pages of relevant brands in social media sites.

While these methods are certainly very important to create awareness of your personal brand and build trust and relationship with your target market, it takes considerable amount of time and effort to drive sales through organic traffic.

Paid Traffic Generation is the fastest way to reach your ideal clients. Once your web pages are ready to be promoted online, you can run digital ad campaigns through Google, Facebook, Instagram and other online ad networks to drive traffic to your offers.

Instead of waiting for days, weeks or months to see significant amount of traffic coming to your real estate website, digital advertising enables you to drive traffic instantly (within a few minutes after your ads are approved by the ad platform).

Digital advertising is the ultimate way to reach thousands of potentials clients in a matter of a few hours, but there is a huge risk in losing advertising dollars if your ad campaigns are not run strategically to yield positive ROI.

Chances are, if you recently tried advertising in Google or Facebook by yourself, you already know that many people saw your ad, but very few responded to your offer or converted into leads or clients.

Here’s why you should invest in our digital advertising services:

Reach Prospects Who Are Looking To Rent/Buy

We can help you reach people who are actively searching online a residential or commercial space to rent/buy.

Reach Prospects Who Are Located In A Certain Place

Our advertising also targets people living in a certain location or working in a specific place nearby your property.

Reach Prospects In Your Targeted Demographics

Unlike traditional advertisements, our online ads are only shown to people of certain age, profession, location, interests, etc.

At Ashtech Properties, we have a team of digital marketing experts who are specialized in running Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

We run ads that are measurably profitable, meaning that you will get more leads and appointments from your target clients.

We do all the hard work for you in strategically running online ads for your real estate campaigns to bring you leads and appointments, so that you can focus on meeting clients and closing sales.

Here’s what you need to do next:

If you’re interested in our digital advertising services, please tell us about your real estate business in the form below. We will reach out as soon as possible to set up a time to talk.