"Not Getting Enough Customers Through 3rd-Party Websites?

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Ashique Abdullah

Ashique Abdullah

From the Desk of Ashique Abdullah
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Friend,

Most real estate agents depend on portal websites to display their properties online and reach potential customers by advertising through those sites.

While it’s good to list your properties in 3rd-party portals to reach potential buyers (leads), it’s a huge mistake to believe that all those LEADS would convert to SALES (paying customers) just through those portal listings.

The problem is: there are many other agents (just like you) who are also offering similar apartments in the same location AND your prospective customers are talking to them (your competitors) and viewing their properties as well.

Three factors that influence your potential customers to choose you over other agents are:

  1. QUALITY of the property you are offering,
  2. PRICE of the property you are offering, and
  3. Your REPUTATION as a real estate agent.

Assuming that you are offering a property with decent quality and within the market price, the only thing that you need to work on is your ‘reputation’ to close the sale.

Your reputation depends on:

  • The first impression that you create for your new customers: how you talk to them, how you respond to their queries, sharing your in-depth knowledge about the property and location to help them reach a buying/renting decision;

  • Your Experience level: number of years of experience you have, number of properties you have sold or rented out till date; and

  • How trustable you are: your track record of being a good agent in terms of after-sales service, what your previous and existing customers opine about you (i.e. their honest reviews on your service), and so on.

However, when your potential customers are only speaking to you on phone or meeting you for viewing the property, they are only getting the first impression and not knowing much about your other reputation.

What you can do to demonstrate your reputation as a trustable agent is to set up your own website and share it with your potential clients/customers.

Your real estate website should consist three types of content to build your reputation as an expert, such as:

  • Who you are – ‘About’ and ‘Testimonial’ pages;
  • What you are offering‘Property listing’ pages with more photos and videos; and
  • Why they should take your offer – Information about neighborhood, location, facilities around the property, etc.

Now, here’s what happens when you get a lead.

Imagine scenario #1:

You get a phone call from a prospect who found you through a 3rd-party website.

She liked the photos you posted in the ad listing and now interested to know more about the property.

She asks you a couple of questions about the property which you politely reply.

Next, she wants to view the property and you fix a viewing appointment with her.

She comes to view the property and asks you more questions before leaving.

Later, you follow up with her and find out that she is not interested to buy/rent the property OR she found another property through other agent.

Now imagine scenario #2:

You get a phone call from a prospect who found you through a 3rd-party website.

She liked the photos you posted in the ad listing and now interested to know more about the property.

She asks you a couple of questions about the property which you politely reply.

Then, to fix a viewing appointment, you give her your website address to help her learn more about the specific property and book an appointment through your site (online).

She checks out your website and finds more information about the property. She may also curiously view your ‘About’ and ‘Testimonial’ pages to see who you are and your reputation in real estate.

Next, two kinds of conclusion can occur for Scenario #2.


She realizes that your property and its location are a good fit for her needs, and so she fills out your online form for a viewing appointment;


She realizes that your property and its location are not suitable for her needs, and so she doesn’t book a viewing appointment.

So, as you can see, your real estate website can help you to save time by filtering in genuine buyers/tenants and get viewing appointments from people who are more likely to buy or rent your property.

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay Ashique! All that sounds good! But why do I need to create my ‘own’ website when I can post photos and description of my properties in a ‘free’ blog or a Facebook page and share the links with potential customers?”

Well, that’s a good question! 


Here’s why you have more advantages when you ‘own’ a website:

Your website is your personal brand that represents you and your business/expertise. On the other hand, your social media pages are your marketing tools that should direct people to your website.

It’s more professional when you ‘own’ your website domain (www.yourname.com) rather than have a free one, such as yourname.blogspot.com, facebook.com/yourname, etc.

You have full control over your content when you ‘own’ your website. Whereas, if you have a free website you need to follow the company’s terms of service, which are continually revised or risk your account being deleted.

You can establish yourself as an authority in real estate when you blog about your targeted real estate market and publish related industry news through your ‘own’ website. On the other hand, social media sites can help you to share your blog posts to drive traffic to your website.

You can build a contact list of potential customers (i.e. customer database) when you ask them to book an appointment through your website by sharing their name, email address and telephone number.

Now if you want to take your realtor career to the next level, PropertyAgentPro can help you build your personal brand in real estate.

Our company’s mission is to provide cutting-edge web technology and strategic digital marketing services to real estate agents to help them maximize getting leads and sales every month.

PropertyAgentPro is not just about designing a real estate website, but it’s an all-in-one DFY digital service especially offered to real estate agents and brokers to establish their personal brands.

This is how PropertyAgentPro works:

The first step in building your personal brand in real estate is to creating your website with textual and graphical content.

We will provide you with:

Domain Registration

The first step to installing your website is to register your .COM domain name. We will help you decide on the right name that will suit your real estate brand. If you already own a domain name, then this step is optional.

Managed WordPress Hosting

After your web domain is registered, we will host your website in our server and install the content management system (CMS), WordPress, inside which your website can be designed and content be published from time to time.

Responsive Web Design

We will code and design your website in such a way that it will not only look beautiful in aesthetics and build a great impression to your market, but it will also be responsive and compatible to any screen size – be it mobile, tablet or PC.

Lead Generation System

For scheduling appointments with prospective customers and sharing premium information on real estate with your potential investors, we will set up funnel pages with opt-in forms to help you generate leads (contact list of potential clients).

Content Management

We know you’re busy and you might not have enough time to manage content for your website. So we provide content management services to help you add content to your site. You will be providing us content, such as your bio for ‘about’ page, listing description, and photos of properties and neighborhood. Our team will be uploading the content in your website and make necessary changes to its format before publishing it.

Web Content Writing

If you don’t have time to write content for your website or you prefer a good copywriter for your website content, we can provide you our web content writing services to help you complete your website and keep adding content for new property listings with engaging textual and graphical info.

Once the website creation is completed with all your property listings and important web pages published, the second step in building your personal brand is to driving traffic (potential customers) to your website through content marketing.

Real Estate Blogging

Blogging is one of the most effective content marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website through search engines and social media sites, and also to establish yourself as an expert in any industry.

You can either use the already-installed WordPress (CMS) to publish real estate blog posts by yourself, OR you can hire our content marketing team to write and publish blog posts on your behalf.

Plans & Pricing

PropertyAgentPro comes with three different plans as below:

Here’s Why You Should Order Now…

The services offered in each Plan are worth multiple times higher than the prices quoted above. Most agencies are actually charging thousands of dollars PER MONTH for content marketing services that we are offering through PropertyAgentPro. We are offering each Plan at a reduced price as part of a special promotion, but these prices will go up soon.

Moreover, our team of expert copywriters can handle a maximum of 350 clients per month when it comes to web content writing and real estate blogging. Once we hit our maximum client capacity, we will not be taking new orders for Standard and Premium Plans.

This offer is seen by hundreds of realtors and brokers every day, and soon we are going to reach our maximum client capacity per month. So, you should ACT FAST.

Here’s why you should invest in PropertyAgentPro today: to prove to yourself and your family you’re not a talker or a dreamer, but a doer.

If you are tired of waiting too long to sell or rent out properties, or if you are frustrated to see other agents closing sales for the same properties that you were promoting, it is high time to stand out from your competition by establishing your personal brand in real estate.

PropertyAgentPro does the heavy-lifting in doing ‘marketing’ for your properties and bringing highly qualified leads consistently every week, while you handle the ‘sales’ and closing the leads that you’re already great at.

Here’s Why It’s Safe And Smart…

PropertyAgentPro does not bind you into any contract. Whether you invest in our monthly or annual plan, you can cancel our services at any time, without having to pay any penalties. You won’t be charged for the next billing cycle.

Money-back Guarantee for Annual Plans:

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel our services within first 30 days of usage, we will keep the 1st month fees (at a rate without discount, as indicated in the pricing chart above) and refund you the balance 11-month service fees, less any transaction charges.

However, if you want to cancel your annual plan after the 30-day trial period, then there will be no refunds.

Here’s Why It’s Not For Everyone (Disclaimer)…

PropertyAgentPro is not suitable for everyone.

If you’re expecting to see a significant increase in sales just through your website within a few months of purchasing PropertyAgentPro, then it’s not for you.

You need to have patience in building your personal brand. You should understand that building an online brand organically (i.e. without spending much on advertisements) takes time.

Your real estate website or personal brand will initially help you to close sales when you share your website link to showcase your properties to potential buyers and tenants. 

Your real estate blog is not going to drive organic traffic from Day 1 of launching the site.

You should expect at least 6 months to see search engine traffic coming to your real estate blog. Sometimes, it takes about a year to rank in the first page of Google for certain competitive keywords.

With that said, if you are active in social media sites and regularly posting updates about real estate, then you can drive some social (organic) traffic to your website and get leads.

So, when you purchase one of the Plans of PropertyAgentPro, you are actually making an investment to build your personal brand. 

Once your personal brand in real estate is established, it will be an asset that will bring you credibility and goodwill for years to come.

If you lack patience in building this asset for your career, then do not place your order for PropertyAgentPro.

We want to serve only those realtors and brokers who have a long-term vision in building their brand and authority in their respective real estate markets.

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