Digital Advertising For Property OWners

A Done-for-You Advertising Solution To Find Ideal Tenants And Rent Out Your Property Quickly
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Digital Advertising For Property Owners

A Done-for-You Advertising Solution To Find Ideal Tenants And Rent Out Your Property Quickly

Are you looking to rent out your property by next month?

At Ashtech Properties, we know that you want to be a happy landlord who would have a peace of mind in renting out his property to a sincere tenant of his choice.

In order to do that, you need to rent out your property to a good tenant. Right?

A tenant who takes care of your property as his own and who pays the rental every month on time.

The problem is that it usually takes longer to find such good tenants.

So this makes you feel hopeless about getting a tenant anytime soon, and eventually you feel frustrated about having no rental income for a while.

We believe it’s not right that you wait too long to get a good tenant. After all, you spent a little fortune in decorating your property and it’s a beautiful one that is located in a good area.

So… you SHOULD be getting a new tenant soon after the existing one moves out.

We understand how it feels to have a property ready to be rented out, but it remains vacant for a while as you keep waiting for a suitable tenant to move in.
So that’s why we have been helping hundreds of property owners to rent out their apartments in Malaysia for last 8 years. And now we are in Bangladesh to help landlords sell or rent out their properties by tapping in to our online advertising channels.

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1:

Fill out an online form to register your interest in renting out your property through us.

Step 2:

We will review your application and get back to you in 24-48 hours with a quotation.

Step 3:

Make full payment in advance for our online advertising service and send us details of your property.

Step 4:

We will run online ad campaigns for your property and you will receive rental inquiries from potential tenants.

Here’s how we are different from Online Property Portals:

In a real estate marketplace website, your property listing is added in a pool of hundreds of other properties.

Although a prospective tenant can narrow down his search for apartments in a particular location, your property still competes with dozens of other properties in the same location.

So, this reduces the chances of your property listing to be viewed by all potential tenants.

In some online property portals you need to pay extra money for ranking your listing higher in their search results. If you are not paying for higher ranking, your listing eventually sinks to the bottom of the page and eventually disappears from the first page of the search results.

Moreover, a potential tenant has to go through at least 5 steps to find your property listing in a popular real estate marketplace website; such as:

Step 1 – Search in Google for an apartment to rent in XYZ area;

Step 2 – Click the link of the property portal that lists properties in XYZ location;

Step 3 – Add filters to the search results in the portal to narrow down the listings in terms of price, number of bedrooms, amenities, etc;

Step 4 – Click on the listings, one by one, to check out the photos and other details of the properties;

Step 5 – Shortlist a few listings and contact the agent/ owner to book an appointment for viewing.

Here’s how we shorten the steps for our customer journey:

✅ Step 1: Potential tenants see our ads in social media;

✅ Step 2: They contact us to learn more about your property;

✅ Step 3: After screening them to match your preferences, we share your contact info so that they can contact you directly.

Thus we keep the process simple but effective.

Unlike some property portals that hide key information about the listings, such as exact location, real photos, and so on;

…We give the prospective tenants as many details as possible, so that when they come to view your property they are genuinely interested to rent it.

Here’s why it’s safe and smart to advertise your property through us:

You will be paying for the advertising cost on monthly basis. No fixed contract required. So you can quit advertising your property through us at any time, for any reasons. You will not be charged for the following month if you decide to cancel your ad account with us.

Potential tenants, who would contact you and view your property, would be pre-screened by us. That means you will only receive inquiries from prospective tenants of your preference – the genuine tenants.

Interested? Here’s what you need to do next:

Get a quote by clicking the red button below.

And, in the meantime, you can contact us through WhatsApp for any questions.

We look forward to serving you soon …so you can stop keeping your property vacant for months and instead get a tenant of your choice without any delay.

Meet Ashique Abdullah, the co-founder of Ashtech Properties:

Ashique Abdullah

Ashique Abdullah

Real Estate Advisor

Ashique is a digital marketing expert with 10+ years of experience in selling and renting out properties in Australia, Malaysia and in the United Kingdom.

As a Real Estate Advisor, Ashique Abdullah helps High Net Worth Individuals around the world find the right properties to invest in Malaysia. He also manages his clients’ buy-to-let properties in Kuala Lumpur through his team of property managers and real estate agents since 2013.

In Bangladesh, Ashique has a mission to help hundreds of landlords sell or rent out their properties in 2022.

MrAshique has been managing my property at Sentral Titiwangsa for the past 5 years, professionally and to my satisfaction, I would definitely recommend his service to my friends.

Valiyapan K.N.

Owner, Titiwangsa Sentral Condominium, Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Ashique is maintaining my unit for past 5 years. He is very professional and concerned about both owner and tenant. He maintains all documents very well and get it duly signed on time. I would recommend him for my friends.

Stephen R.

Owner, Titiwangsa Sentral Condominium, Kuala Lumpur